Top 10 Comedian Indonesia

Comedian now has become its heyday. Moreover, who played in one of the sketch comedy that revolves around tales Indonesia. Yep,, Opera Van Java. Comedy this one has become a spectacle of Indonesia are on the rise.

Top 10 Comedian Indonesia

1. Sule

Entis Sutisna or sule is often called upon by Indonesian artist who works as a comedian Indonesia. Through his victory in the arena of talent comedian in TPI, through the Group SOS comedy career was finally Sule Soar. Sule also play a role in various events comedians, such as OVJ and there Awass sule.

2. Olga Syahputra

Yoga Syahputra or better known by the name of Olga Syahputra (born in Jakarta, February 8, 1983, age 26 years) is an actor, comedian, and host Indonesia. Olga often plays transsexual. But Olga dismissed if he has deviate sexual orientation. Now Olga triumphed in Strikes, OMG, and Seger Beneeerr ..

3. Aziz Stuttering

Azis Stuttering is a typical newcomer comedian with his stuttering omangan every show. Azis name became known when he became the play of the Opera Van Java comedy show with her friend Nunung, Andre Stinky, and Sule.
In addition to the comedy show Aziz also be host / presenter on several tv shows including Beauty And Aziz, Opera Van Java, Derings.
Currently azis an artist who has two wives and has been blessed with three children from her marriage with the second wife.

4. Parto patriotic

Real name: Eddy Supono
(Born in Jakarta, 17 April 1961, age 48 years), better known as Parto patriotic a group member patriotic comedy trio.
Together the two co-announcer at Radio SK, Akri and Eko, they founded the comedy group patriotic dated October 10, 1994. Achieved national fame by patriotic event at the station telvisi Ngelaba TPI. After their popular names, each member often find work for their own gig. Nevertheless, they remain committed to patriotic. In addition to frequently appear on the show with the theme of comedy, Parto also supports some comedy, including the soap opera-Okay Okay Bos.Dan Parto finally this year be hosted at the Opera Van Java in Trans7 and droll in sitcom titled trans7 OKB.

5. Komeng

Alfiansyah (born: New York, August 25, 1970) (popularly called Komeng) is a comedian Indonesia. He is best known as host aired on SCTV Spontaneous since 1995 until now. Benjamin Sueb comedian is his idol.

6. Aming

Aming (full name Aming Supriatna Sugandhi; born 7 November 1980, age 29 years) is a comedian who is currently quite famous through a comedy show Extravaganza in Trans TV. In addition he also commercials, among them the fixed stars card advertising "United States" from Telkomsel.

Aming a child to the 9th of 12 children. Aming commonly known as someone who almost always melakoni role as a woman or a transsexual. Aming is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology). Besides active in comedy Aming also known as a sitcom actress and presenter. Now Aming triumphed in Studio 1, the new comedy Trans TV

7. Andre Taulani

Andre Taulany or often referred to as Stinky Andre / Andre OVJ is an artist / comedian who was born in Indonesia Indonesia Jakarta, 17 September 1974 and worked as a sitcom actress, movies, as well as a comedian. Andre is an Indonesian artist who has played in several soap operas such as Love Story, Light of Mine Also besides Andre Stinky also has starred in movies such as Apocalypse is near, Kunfayakun, and implant Pocong. Better known as Andre Andre OVJ since her role on the show Comedy Opera Van Java TRANS 7.
Andre Taulany name is already known long ago, when he was a career in music with his band Staind. The name of Andre Taulany also had its fame in the country music industry. Already 8 album released by Sting. Stinky is also able to sell their albums up to 1 million copies through their flagship singles namely "Could" and "Do not Close Yourselves".
Today, the name andre taulany unknown as a musician but as a comedian. Because acting is hilarious comedians at various events to make himself better known as a comedian. Some of the events that helped to rebuild its presence in the entertainment world is through the ground water kocaknya acting in comedy show "Opera Van Java". Besides OVJ, andre also briefly acting in several comedy shows such as, Ngelenong Nyok, Comedy Betawi, and
Currently Andre has been married with women from the fields named Rien Wartia Trigina or often called by Rien. And has been blessed with a son - male.

8. Budi towel

He began his career as a walk-on program Ngelaba (patriotic) in 1996, the husband of Neneng Nurhayati has also starred in two feature films, namely tiren and TULALIT. He also said it was awaiting a call I'll wait Jandamu filming, which is planned starring alongside dangdut singer Dewi Persik.

9. Nunung

Tri Retno Prayudati or better known as Nunung an artist born in Solo, Central Java, 5 April 1964 that their profession as a comedian in the country. His name was known when he became one of the players in the play Srimulat. In addition nunung also popular when playing in the soap opera Si Doel Anak School. Now he plays in a comedy show together sule Opera Van Java, azis, and andre taulany.
Nunung also had won the award in 1999 with a Panasonic Award category Favorite Female Comedy Actress.
In his private life, the mother of two children apparently had failed to 2 times against his young partner. The first he failed to defend her marriage to Daniel Setyadi, who was adrift 8 years younger. After the mid-2008, nunung again failed in his marriage to Spiritual Widodo, younger guy 12 years. Nunung also blessed with two sons from his marriage, named Good and Son.

10. Fortunately Arie

Arie Kuncoro Fortunately or more commonly known by the name of profit Arie was born January 15, 1977 artist who works as a presenter as well as Indonesian movie player. His debut in the entertainment industry started when he became one of MTV VJ. After deciding to come out of MTV, Arie began to become an actor in various films. First film entitled "Brownies" in 2004 which together with portraying beautiful artist Marcella Zalianty. Currently, Arie fortunately also serves as a presenter on her show that in bawakannya Gong Show with Adul, Komeng, and also Olga Syahputra. Arie fortunately also a comedian on the show Tawa Sutra XL with towel and Pepi mind.
In his personal life, never having arie love with a woman named Luna Regards Richi. However, arie Fenita Javanti prefer to accompany her, because on February 5, 2005 he menikahin Fenita. In marriage, arie fortunately blessed with two children: Gavin Fathir Misbareta Daffa (born 10 November 2005) and Aisha Misbareta Mikhaila (born March 5, 2008).
Arie was also lucky that he caught the middle digossipkan photographed intimate with a woman who was widely circulated in cyberspace, after much insistence, arie also claim that the girl is a woman named Gaby and still high school at the time.



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